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2017 Inland and Lakewood Volunteers

At Inland, volunteers are vital contributors to helping us achieve our mission "to care for and serve our community." Their helping hands and giving hearts are a gift to us in many ways.

In 2017, Inland and Lakewood volunteers donated over 10,000 hours! Thank you to our many community volunteers who helped deliver the best care and service to our patients, residents, and families! To learn more about volunteering, please visit our Volunteer Services page.


Linda Audet
Rona Backstrom
Robin Bartholf
Margo Beach 
Abigail Bouchard
Alma Breton
Barbara Carbino
Neal Caron - 2017 Inland Volunteer of the Year
Nancy Charland
Lori Charrier
Barbara Couture
Judith Couture
Joyce Creasey
Caroline Crowell
Cynthia Davidson
Ellen Dawson
Fred Dumont
Patsy Edwards
Joanna Ellis
Connie Francoeur
Maura Gammans
Deborah Gilbert
Avis Grant
Nancy Grunder
Nancy Hachey
Vernal Holt
Michael Johnson
Janet Leclair
Mary Lockhart
Robin Marchesi
James Mathieu
David Mayberry
Mark McAfee
Jack Moorehead
Theresa Pellerin
Heather Perkins
Suzanne Poulin
Charles Runnels
Donna Sawyer
Ronald Small
Robert St. Pierre
Sandra Stevens
Joyce Stewart
Michael Theriault
Marilyn Tozier
Grace VonTobel
Eleanor Weiss
John Wilder
Elaine Wilson
Connie Winship
Joyce Wood

John Balicki
Fr. Miles Brooks
Terry Tiner
Mark Wilson

Lindsey Bourgoin
Martha Brainard
Max Brown
Liam Butchart
Tianzen Chen
Shu Dan
Kaitlyn Deming
Rob Dettmann
Lindsey Fisher
Catherine Gannon
Lariah Langis
Caroline Lapp
Miranda Mahoney
Allyson Redhunt
Xiaoou Wang
Faith Worster
Tianhao Yao

Abigail Bloom
Jenamarie Boston
Emma Cole
Sandor Doczy-Bordi
Andrew Garrett
Caylee Hapworth
Amelaine Llanto
Alyssa Mathieu
Abigail Smith

Pet Visitation
Jane Hutchins & Tanzy the dog
Lauren Morrison & Brie the dog
Robert Petrie & Abby the dog

Fran Allen
Virginia Allen
Crystal Decker
Michael Doucette
Betty Ferland - 2017 Lakewood Volunteer of the Year
Earlene Hanson
Diane Morisette
Jane Peatfield
Fay Perham
Lana Phair
Dr. David Preston
Christine Reynolds
Gerry Richardson
Inez Sabins
Michael Theriault
Shirley Watson
Norton Webber

Fr. Dan Baillargeon
Fr. Miles Brooks
Fr. Matthew Gregory
Pastor Stan Griffin
Pastor Craig Riportella
Elise Roy-Hobbs

Grace Dodig
Emily Geske
Nick Pattison

Pet Visitation
Lauren Morrison (pet therapy)