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Inland collects food items for local communities

food.jpgInland Hospital is helping to fight hunger and provide nutritious foods in local communities this holiday season. Partnering with United Way of Mid-Maine, Inland recently collected food items for area residents in need of a helping hand.

Inland asked employees at the hospital and medical practices, as well as Lakewood for healthy choice donations for people in their service area to access nutritious foods, particularly those with specific dietary needs that help them better manage a chronic condition such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease.

We often get emergency calls from local service agencies and other area food pantries trying to help people with special requests. This really helps us meet the needs”, Ken Stevens, of the Winslow Food Pantry noted. Inland staff generously donated more than 400 pounds of nutritious food items such as whole grain cereal and pasta, low-sodium canned items, and fruit canned in fruit juice to the food pantry.

Inland’s Community Wellness Coordinator, Ellen Wells, loads donated food items to drop off at the Winslow Food Pantry.