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Inland RehabWorks at Champions Fitness Club

Combining wellness and fitness with prevention and rehabilitation – it’s what we accomplish with our collaboration with Champions Fitness Club. We are celebrating our 10-year partnership to deliver high quality physical therapy services on-site at Champions, located at 30 Elm Plaza in Waterville.

The RehabWorks practice at Champions offers flexible scheduling so clients can arrange services before or after work if preferred. “It’s a great scenario for successful rehab,” notes Sandy Myers, Director of RehabWorks. “One-on-one physical therapy service by a skilled, friendly team of professionals – in a motivating, fun environment that connects clients to a wellness lifestyle and Champions’ personal trainers after rehab.”

Hours of Operation - RehabWorks at Champions

Monday, Wednesday -   6:30am - 6:30pm
Tuesday, Thursday    -   8:15am - 4pm
Friday                        -   Closed at this location*

*Inland RehabWorks located at Inland Hospital in the Medical Arts Building is open on Fridays.

For more information, contact RehabWorks at Champions, Monday thru Thursday at 861-8982; on Friday, please contact Inland RehabWorks at 861-3360 or smyers@emhs.org.