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Pediatric Specialty Services Now Available in Waterville

Release Date: 09/08/2017

EMMC Pediatric Specialty Care is collaborating with Inland Hospital to connect children and families with Eastern Maine Medical Center’s pediatric gastroenterology, neurology, and surgery specialists. Appointments are conveniently available at the new practice in Waterville located at 174 Kennedy Memorial Drive, next door to Inland, 1-207-861-6141.

“Patients and families appreciate having access to the pediatric specialty care they need close to home, without having to travel to see a physician,” says Jonathan Wood, MD, senior lead physician for pediatrics, EMMC Medical Group.

For more information or to find out how to make a referral, please call 1-207-861-6141 or visit pediatrics.emmc.org or inlandhospital.org.

View printable EMMC Pediatric Specialty Care information rack card.

Pediatric providers seeing patients in Waterville include:

Allison Behrle-Yardley, MD, pediatric gastroenterologist - 973-7107

Whitney McBride, MD, pediatric surgeon - 973-8853

Brooke Surran, MD, pediatric neurologist - 275-4290