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Credit card breach

Release Date: 12/19/2014

(Unity, Maine- December 19, 2014)-The Waldo County Sheriff’s Office notified us that one of our employees at Inland Family Care in Unity appears to have misused patient credit card information for personal gain. Because there is an active police investigation we cannot provide details beyond what is in this release. The person was arrested this morning, and was immediately terminated from employment. Please contact the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office for further information about the arrest. 

“We are deeply shocked and disheartened that a member of our team appears to have violated our patients’ trust, and ours,” said John Dalton, Inland Hospital president and CEO. “We want our patients and the community to know that we are taking this situation very seriously and are working with law enforcement to bring resolution to this case.”

We believe the problem is limited to only a small number of patients who paid for services at the Unity practice with a credit or debit card in the last six months. We are notifying patients who had billing contact with the accused to alert them to review their debit and credit card statements and report any unusual charges to Belinda Fletcher, Inland Practice Administrator (861-3099) and the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office (207-338-6786).

We are currently auditing our bill paying process and instituting additional controls to safeguard all future payments. We want to ensure this never happens again.

We appreciate the community’s understanding and support during this difficult time.

Please contact: Sara Dyer, Director, Inland Community Relations – 861-3027/sdyer@emhs.org or Suzanne Spruce, Chief Communications Officer, EMHS – 973-5758/sspruce@emhs.org