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Inland Welcomes New Physician

Release Date: 03/10/2015

Inland Hospital is pleased to welcome John Ribadeneyra, MD to Inland Family Care in Unity. The practice is located at 80 Main Street, in Unity.

Dr. Ribadeneyra is board-certified in Family Medicine and has a Master's Degree in Neuroscience and Behavior.

He has recently moved back to New England, and is looking forward to being back in a small community. "Inland Hospital fit my ideal of working at a smaller community hospital that still has the sophistication to manage complex disease while maintaining that New England warmth and compassion."

Dr. Ribadeneyra joins Gavin Ducker, MD, Charles Kriegel, MD, Susan Piotti, PA-C and Denise Bouchard, FNP at Inland Family Care in Unity. For more information please contact Inland Family Care at 948-2100, or visit the Inland Family Care website.