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Inland Nursing Awards Announced

Release Date: 05/18/2015

This year Inland Hospital honored some of our exceptional nurses during a Nurse’s Week celebration on May 6. Five nurses were nominated by their peers for their clinical excellence. The purpose of the award is to acknowledge the passion, competency and professionalism that so many of our nurses practice each and every day. Inland is proud to announce our 2015 winner: 
Bethany Chapin, RN from the Acute Care Unit – Bethany exhibits clinical expertise caring for her patients with a positive attitude coupled with a warm and professional manner. She demonstrates an eagerness to learn and a willingness to contribute to a positive work environment by going above and beyond on a regular basis. Bethany has been with Inland just over two years.
Other nominees for the nursing award included: Christie Bardwell, RN, CWCA - Wound Care Clinic; Rachel Garbe, RN - Acute Care Unit; and November Poulin, RN - Heart First-Marden Cardiac Rehab Center.
Bethany wins an all-expense paid trip to a national conference of her specialty within the continental US during the next fiscal year. Along with last year’s nursing winner, Pat Joyce-Peteler, they will assist administration in selecting the 2016 award winners.

Bethany and other nominees were honored at a ceremony yesterday for National Nurse's Week. Pictured from left to right: Rick Barry, CNO; November Poulin, RN & Nominee; Bethany Chapin, RN, 2015 Recipient; and John Dalton, CEO. Other nominees were not present for the photo.