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Rheumatologist joins Inland Rheumatology

Release Date: 11/16/2015

Inland is pleased to welcome Lance Feller, MD, to Inland Rheumatology. The practice is located at 325-D Kennedy Memorial Drive in Waterville.
Dr. Feller is board-certified in Internal Medicine and Adult Rheumatology. He is also trained in Pediatric Rheumatology and is the first to research and publish data on the use of a new test for pediatric arthritis.
He has recently moved to the Waterville area with his wife, Marianne, and daughter, Amelia. “Inland Hospital has a very forward thinking and professional staff. They are great at examining the needs of the community, and planning ahead to meet those needs. I was impressed from the start with their flexibility and desire to provide needed services to Waterville,” according to Dr. Feller.
Dr. Feller joins Saskia Cooper, MD and Barbara Segal, MD at Inland Rheumatology. For more information, please contact Inland Rheumatology at 873-3914, or visit Inland Rheumatology.