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Book Signing - Inland Hospital Corner Stone Gift Shoppe

Release Date: 12/07/2016

Inland’s Corner Stone Gift Shoppe is pleased to announce a book signing with Sharlayn Morrison-Andrews, author, on Friday, December 16 from 10am-1pm.  Sharlayn will be signing her children’s books Brave Nellie and Lizzie’s Lesson.
According to Sharalyn:
Brave Nellie is about a little beach dog.  I took care of 3 beach dogs when I lived in the Dominican Republic.  Of the three, Nellie was one that I felt could be domesticated.  I took her into my condo and taught her all the new things she needed to know to live with a “forever family”.  The message to children is, new things are scary but if you are willing to try, good things will happen.  The saying is, “What to do, what to do?  All so scary, all so new!  But I must try each day, to be brave and everything will be OK!"
Lizzie’s Lesson is about a little West Highland Terrier who was actually from Hallowell, Maine.  This book features sights in Portland…Peaks Island ferry, Portland Headlight, the Old Port, etc.  Lizzie’s Lesson to children is, “When things change and I feel sad, I will always remember good comes from bad.” 
To learn more about Sharalyn’s books, please visit her blog at www.sharalynlovesanimals.com.

Inland's Corner Stone Gift Shoppe is located in the main front lobby of the hospital at 200 Kennedy Memorial Drive in Waterville and is open Monday through Friday, 9am-1pm.