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Inland Announces Clinical Excellence Awardees

Release Date: 08/01/2016

Inland Hospital is pleased to announce the winners of our 2016 Clinical Excellence Awards. This tradition celebrates and recognizes the work and talents of the finest amongst us as nominated by their peers. These awards single out individuals who have made outstanding contributions. Four nurses and five clinicians were nominated. The 2016 winners are:

2016 Nursing Excellence Award Winner - November Poulin, RN

November Poulin, RN with Heart First’s Marden Cardiac Rehab Center

Remarks in November’s nomination: November has excellent clinical assessment skills. Coupled with her strong cardiac background, she is able to deliver first-rate clinical judgment which provides great value and support to the cardiologists. November has taken the lead in obtaining AACVPR accreditation and certification for cardiac rehab, and by redesigning new workflows, has enhanced the overall quality of care within the department. She is always courteous, compassionate with patients and peers alike.
Award nominees included: Yvette Bernier, RN; Amy Bertone, RN; Sharon Lopez, RN
2016 Non-Nursing Excellence Award Winner - Diane Hartwell, CMA

Diane Hartwell, CMA/Practice Coordinator with Inland Family Care-Madison

Remarks in Diane’s nomination: Diane has mastered all of the necessary skills to be an outstanding Medical Assistant, which she shares with any new MA’s entering the practice. She has assumed the responsibility of making sure all children are immunized, achieving recognition from the state multiple years running for achieving 100% compliance. She comes to work every day with a positive attitude, always giving 150% percent. 
Other award nominees were: Sonya Frost, OT; Lynne Gray, RT; Jennifer Migliore, RD, CDE; Christine Rodgers, X-Ray Tech/referral coordinator.
Both winners receive an all-expenses paid trip to their professional conference next year. Congratulations!