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Inland's Little Free Library

Release Date: 09/26/2016

Standing tall and quaint, adjacent to the Inland Woods trailhead, is the home of Waterville’s newest Little Free Library. This Little Free Library was a custom-design created by Dr. Rob Hottentot, a retired Inland Hospital surgeon from Oakland, who also designed and built the trailhead kiosk located right next to it.
This family-friendly feature at the head of Inland Hospital’s popular community trails will help support early childhood literacy, encourage reduced screen time, and foster healthy habits. A theme of “HEAL” is encouraged at Inland’s Little Free Library; it will be stocked with books that encourage Healthy Eating and Active Living- fun books for kids that inspire them to “eat their colors” and have fun being active, and informative books for adults on gardening, outdoor adventures, trail guides, and more. 
Little Free Libraries have been increasingly growing in popularity around the world because of all the benefits they contribute to communities. The goal is to promote literacy and the love of reading by having community members take, share, and leave books for one another. By achieving these goals a sense of community is built through the power of books.
Inland’s Little Free Library is a resource for the Waterville community to use and share. All donations are welcome, and everyone is highly encouraged to stop by to take, share, and leave a book. For more information, contact inlandcr@emhs.org or call 861-3292.