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Inland Volunteers Recognized

Release Date: 04/23/2018

Inland and Lakewood Volunteers of the Year were recently recognized at the REM Volunteer Appreciation Awards held Saturday, April 21 at the Waterville Opera House.

Earlier in the week, all Inland and Lakewood volunteers were honored at a ceremony bruncheon held at Centerpoint Community Church, Waterville on Wednesday, April 18, 2018 as part of National Volunteer Appreciation Week.

Inland is deeply grateful for our volunteers who are vital contributors to helping us achieve our mission "to care for and serve our community." In 2017, volunteers contributed 10,393 hours between Inland and Lakewood Continuing Care Center. We sincerely appreciate each one of them!

Neal Caron, Inland Volunteer of the Year, and Betty Ferland, Lakewood Volunteer of the Year, were recognized at the REM (Revitalizing the Energy in Maine) Volunteer Appreciation Awards ceremony.

REM Volunteer Appreciation Awards
L to R - Maggie Simpson, Director of Volunteer Services; Neal Caron, Volunteer; John Dalton, Inland President

REM Volunteer Appreciation Awards
L to R - Shannon Lockwood, Lakewood Administrator; Betty Ferland, Volunteer; Michelle Rossignol, Lakewood Life Enrichment Manager

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering at Inland Hospital, please contact Maggie Simpson at 861-3325 or mpsimpson@emhs.org. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities at Lakewood Continueing Care Center, please contact Michelle Rossignol at 873-5125 or marossignol@emhs.org.