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CT (Computerized Tomography)

Sometimes referred to as CAT scan (computerized axial tomography).

A CT is a scanning machine that takes anatomical pictures of the body. CT has revolutionized diagnostic medicine. Early CTs yielded digital images with at least 100 times the clarity of normal x-rays. Subsequently, the speed and accuracy of machines has improved many times over. CT scans reveal both bone and soft tissues, including organs, muscles, and tumors. Image tones can be adjusted to highlight tissues of similar density, and, through graphics software, the data can be assembled into three-dimensional images. CT aids diagnosis and surgery or other treatment, including radiation therapy, in which effective dosage is highly dependent on the precise density, size, and location of a tumor.

Advanced CTs, like the 64-slice model Inland uses, is also used in the diagnosis of heart disease (see Cardiac CT Angiography).

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