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Digital mammography

Inland Hospital is pleased to offer digital mammography to our community. With digital mammography, appointment time is cut in half since there is no more waiting for film to be developed. Now the high quality image goes directly to a computer for quicker interpretation and diagnosis.

And because the state-of-the-art breast diagnostics equipment is digital, medical staff can immediately transfer images to other healthcare professionals if needed.

In addition, the new equipment has a high definition (HD) digitizer that allows staff to convert old x-rays to the digital format and the machine includes a feature called computer-assisted diagnosis, which acts as another set of eyes.

Imaging Services at Inland Hospital also offers ultrasound, bone density testing, full-time on-site MRI, 64-slice CT Scan, Cardiac CT Angiography, nuclear imaging, echo and vascular studies, and standard X-ray. For more information, contact the Imaging Department at Inland Hospital, 861-3070.