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The Difference: The Sleep Diagnostic Center of Inland Hospital

Inland's sleep study program is different from others; it takes a comprehensive approach to the problem of sleep disorders. We not only study and diagnose sleep disorders, we also treat the problem.
After studying the patient's breathing overnight in Inland's state of the art sleep lab, our technicians and physicians score and interpret the results for diagnosis. This information is then forwarded to your physician, along with recommendations for treatment. The Sleep Diagnostic Center's lab team offers treatment options so you and your physician can make the best choice possible. Options may include:
  • Adaptive equipment
  • Weight reduction and/or medical nutrition counseling
  • Medication
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Physical or speech therapy
  • Smoking cessation
Most treatment options are available right at The Sleep Diagnostic Center of Inland Hospital. This allows you to stay close to home while benefiting from board certified sleep disorder specialists affiliated with TAMC, a sister hospital of Inland in the EMHS system.