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Ways You Can Prepare...

...to Get Safe Healthcare

Do you have an advocate?

Being in a hospital can be an anxious experience – and if you’re not feeling well, understandably it can be hard to be your own best advocate. At Inland, we focus on what’s best for you as an individual, so you may already think of our doctors, nurses, and other staff as your biggest supporters. But having a loved one or a friend by your side as an advocate watching out for you - maybe taking notes, or helping you remember to ask certain questions – can give you added comfort and confidence during your hospital stay. As another set of eyes and ears, an advocate is an important link in our partnership for safe healthcare.

For more information about the important role of a healthcare advocate, access the following link from the National Patient Safety Foundation.

Understanding discharge instructions

Understanding the instructions you receive from your caregiver when leaving the hospital is a key factor in how fast you will heal or improve. This is another time when you and your advocate should ask questions to make sure you fully understand what medicines you should take and why, what follow-up care is necessary, and who to contact if you have further questions.

If you have questions about your discharge instructions from Inland Hospital, please call the Case Management Department at Inland Hospital, 861-3000.

Access the following link for more information on Patient Safety resources from the National Patient Safety Foundation.

To learn about Inland Hospital’s performance in quality, safety and service -- visit the following link: Quality Matters report.